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VirtualSpeech becomes the first CPD-accredited training provider of VR online courses

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10 Jan 2022 | 2 min read

VirtualSpeech becomes the world-first CPD-accredited training provider of VR online courses

VirtualSpeech is pleased to announce that it has become the first training provider to offer CPD-accredited virtual reality (VR) online courses. Over the last few weeks, the company has launched fifteen CPD-accredited courses which focus on soft skills like public speaking, business ethics, managing workplace stress, storytelling, sales pitching, video presentations, active listening, and more.

With 350,000 learners worldwide and client organisations including Vodafone, Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, and Warwick Business School, VirtualSpeech offer unique online courses that can improve a range of interpersonal and people skills that are crucial to success.

Looking to the future, VirtualSpeech plans to upgrade all 25+ VR courses to accredited status. By continually innovating their VR online courses and seeking CPD accreditation, the training provider aims to maintain its market-leading position whilst offering learners the reassurance they are receiving the highest level of quality with their training.

CEO, Sophie Thompson, commented, “The CPD accreditation is a testimony to the high quality of VirtualSpeech courses and the effectiveness of VR training for workplace learning. VR training is the next evolution in learning and it’s a really strong signal that highly respected, independent bodies are recognising the value of immersive learning.”

About CPD accreditation

The CPD certification service is used by thousands of organisations to support employees with their continuing professional development. CPD-accredited courses undergo a rigorous application process and are subjected to the highest standards to ensure the integrity, credibility and high quality of the learning material.

About VirtualSpeech VR training

VirtualSpeech is a multi-award-winning online education platform helping people to excel in their careers by improving their skills and confidence in a range of soft skills.

From public speaking VR training to managing stress in the workplace, the VirtualSpeech curriculum engages learners via online tutorial videos, case studies and quizzes before prompting learners to practice their learning in realistic, virtual reality or web-based simulations.

The VR training facilitates learning through experience in the psychological safety of the virtual world while evoking an emotional and behavioural response similar to that experienced in the real world. With instant AI-powered performance feedback and the ability to practice on demand, VirtualSpeech courses help participants to learn up to 4X faster than traditional methods.

VirtualSpeech course links

The current range of VirtualSpeech CPD-accredited courses can be viewed at, with the full course listing available on the VirtualSpeech website.


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