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Andromeda Entertainment and Kinemotik Studios Win at the 2022 NYX Game Awards

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23 May 2022 | 1 min read

In the 2022 NYX Game Awards, AIXR members Andromeda Entertainment have won the NYX Silver award in the category of Best Publisher and Kinemotik Studios have claimed the NYX Gold award in the category of Best Indie Developer.

We are beyond honored to be recognized by NYX in the category of Best Publisher. This award has reignited our passion for supporting developers creating transformative virtual experiences and further clarified our commitment to building the future we wish to see. – Ashley “ashleyriott” Blake, Senior Director of Marketing, Andromeda Entertainment

This year, the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 1 has received over 500 game entry submissions from over 30 countries worldwide. Including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Poland, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, and to name a few more.

Winners of the 2022 NYX Game Awards included Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Techland), FIFA 22 (Electronic Arts), My Time at Sandrock (PatheaGames), Angry Birds Journey (Rovio), I Expect You to Die 2 (Shell Games), Martha Is Dead (Wired Productions), Faerie Afterlight (Mastiff), Beatstar – Touch Your Music (Space Ape Games), Robo Revenge Squad (Mill Games S.A.), Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic (Aldin Dynamics), and many more.

“There is an argument to be made when it comes to a medium like video games to be truly art. Movies can also be considered art, but it is displayed. Video games are pieces of art that a person can not only view, but also interact and be part of. And it is these people that develop such pieces of fine art that the NYX Game Awards seek to recognize and give them the honor they truly deserve! – Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of the International Awards Associate (IAA).

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AIXR is an independent, community first, not for profit organisation that exists to support individuals and companies of all sizes as the International trade body for immersive technology industries. AIXR or, The Academy of International Extended Reality, hosts the VR Awards annually. AIXR’s mission is to support individuals and companies in the immersive industry by endorsing, inspiring, and enabling innovators through removing barriers to entry and connecting a diverse collection of trades together.

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