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XR Leadership Skills

Learn how to fulfil your leadership potential in XR and get tailored feedback on career progression from renowned leaders in the space

Learning outcomes 

  • Describe the key differences between leading traditional and XR teams.
  • Describe and demonstrate the key skills and traits of industry-leading XR leaders and managers.
  • Define your own competencies, development needs, and recognize opportunities for further development in XR.
  • Learn how to optimise the relationship between organizational objectives and staff wellbeing with a focus on remote and collaborative working.
  • Develop effective and practical performance management techniques. 


This introductory course will help shape your knowledge, skills, views, and behaviours to enable you to fulfil your leadership potential in XR. 

Led by industry experts, and those directly invested in creating more influential leaders in XR, this course is designed to develop the qualities demanded from working in an industry at the bleeding-edge of innovation, such as engaging in fast-paced and collaborative work with teammates whom you may never meet in person. 

This course is aimed primarily at those who have recently moved into a leadership position within an organization that utilises immersive technology or those who want to develop their leadership skills to apply them more successfully to their role within the context of XR.

You will leave this course confident in how you can adapt your leadership style to thrive in the XR & Metaverse industry.

M1 - Introduction to XR Leadership Skills

We will open the course with a broad, collaborative discussion on the shifts in leadership and managing teams in the digital age. This discussion will cover the innovations in technology that enable remote working, changes in organisational hierarchies, as well as generational expectations that have created a discourse around what great workplace culture looks like, and increasing globalization. 

A key focus of this discussion is on identifying why these shifts are particularly relevant to a nascent industry like XR and how traditional best leadership practice might need to be adapted for an evolving, younger workforce. By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Describe the traditional XR development process and key terminology.
  • Identify your own key competencies and leadership style.
  • Assess whether you are developing the right proportion of tactical and strategic skills.

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M2 - Self-Awareness

Developing on the last module, here we will go into more detail on the established five levels of leadership in XR and which level you feel best describes your current role and the role you aspire to. This process is important because it will help form the basis of your leadership development plan. Specific attention will also be paid to the organizational context in which participants are leading in and the key internal and external challenges that affect XR organisations as they grow. By the end of this module you will be able to: 

  • Develop a personalised leadership development plan.
  • Assess how the scope and stakes involved in your role will change as your progress.
  • Know the skills you may need to hone to maximise your leadership potential.
  • Access the right XR-specific support and resources to support your development.

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M3 - Communication & Interpersonal Skills at Work

This module will focus on two key areas: building relationships and performance management. The emphasis will be on practical skills and insights that you can replicate in real-life working environments. By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Build strategic internal and external relationships.
  • Know the most influential networking opportunities in XR relevant to your areas of expertise.
  • Use performance reviews to inspire and nurture the development of team members.
  • Help team members craft their own professional development plans.

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M4 - Organizational Strategy

This module will focus on how purposeful or meaningful work is increasingly becoming the main driver of employee engagement in XR and how this is a key determining factor for organisational success. We will cover how to become a purpose-driven leader and how to lead change in an organization relative to your leadership level. By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Identify your own sense of purpose and how it aligns with the vision of your organization.
  • Foster more meaningful relationships with those working under you.
  • Align personal goals with organizational objectives.
  • Turn high level ideas into actionable tasks.

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