Guided Course

XR Foundations and Prototyping Bootcamp

Learn Virtual Reality with this project-based Bootcamp covering the foundational skillset in XR development and design. Learn from outstanding experts, build diverse industry-ready projects, and become a leading VR/AR professional.

Learning outcomes

  • Design and analyze different XR use cases
  • Create 4 XR prototypes and 1 MVP with C# and Unity
  • Deploy to various XR platforms
  • Manage the XR production pipeline
  • Work in a typical XR studio development team


The opportunities in the XR industry are growing from year to year. A market growth from 30.7 bn USD in 2021 to 300 bn USD in 2024, 57% higher salaries over average, and a 1400% growth in job demand from 2018 to 2019*.

The XR market is here to stay and new opportunities are more exciting than any other established industry. Pioneer, learn, and change the way we learn, play, live, and work in new alternative realities!

The Bootcamp is aimed at those who want to learn to prototype XR applications and get their hands dirty, learn C#, programming and Unity. After the course, you can lead XR projects or develop them yourself.

M1 - C# Course, self-paced

If you don’t have any previous coding knowledge, you can sign up for the free C# course which will prepare you to pass the C# test. Before being admitted, you need to pass the C# eligibility test.

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M2 - XR Foundations

XR Foundations Course teaches you everything you need to start prototyping your first XR applications. You will deepen your C# and Unity knowledge (weeks 1-4), learn to use advanced XR tools, and start your first XR project (weeks 5-8) on all assignments of weeks 1 to 8, you are eligible to join the XR Prototyping course.

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M3 - XR Prototyping

Fail fast, upskill faster! Under the supervision of a technical mentor and project manager, you will be working on four prototypes (weeks 9-12) and one MVP student group project (weeks 13-16). You will learn in an (almost) real XR studio environment – and in VR! If you have successfully worked on all prototypes and MVP, you are getting the XR Bootcamp certificate and career support.

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M4 - Career Services (optional)

You will meet with your recruiter in 1:1 sessions to get advice on your portfolio, try mock interviews, and get matched with job opportunities. Together, we will celebrate in the XRB ceremony hall in VR.

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XR Bootcamp is overseen by:

Our educational content is reviewed and overseen by some of the very best in the industry. As an organization dedicated to furthering immersive technology, we have the support and backing to best support your professional development.


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