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The Human Psyche: An Augmented Reality Fashion Show

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Puk Franswa | Communications Adviser | 4DR Studios

20 Aug 2021 | 4 min read

Recently, Summa Fashion College presented a fashion show on the catwalk in Eindhoven at the Crafted Event. Using the latest technologies and being supervised by designer Marlou Breuls, the Summa Fashion Collection 2021 was born. Together with Dutch Rose Media, Summa Fashion and Marlou Breuls, we combined our forces and created a volumetric fashion show where 9 beautiful outfits will be shown. And with the recent climate, it is important for us to create and enable the exhibition to be experienced again.

The Crafted-app gives you the opportunity to watch ‘The Human Psyche’ collection live wherever and whenever you want. The Crafted-app is enriched with augmented reality and makes it possible to walk around the models and watch the Human Psyche show at home (through your own device). All volumetric videos were put together into the Crafted AR app, created by Dutch Rose Media. This way fashion students were able to have a fashion show but not in the traditional sense. Through the app, a large audience can be reached all around the world and anyone interested in the show can do so with a few clicks. The Crafted app can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play.



The Human Psyche: An augmented reality fashion show

The Human Psyche, a beautiful subject to put into fashion. The totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. The human mind holds the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation which results in different feelings and emotions. From here, the students of Summa Fashion expressed their personal stories and visions through form, colour and various materials. The outfits are characterized by the extravagant style, the colours and the eye-catching prints with an underlying message: “Don’t judge people by how they present themselves to the outside world, because you never know what is going on inside” says Sinthe Salden – student product management.


During The Human Psyche project, the students of Summa received help from designer and former student Marlou Breuls. Breuls is known for her characteristic avant-garde use of form, craftsmanship and exaggerated silhouettes. Her studio believes in the power of fashion, but it goes beyond the usual and traditional paths. For instance, Breuls let the traditional ideas about fashion go and gets inspired by other disciplines of art, including sculpture. Her designs haven’t stayed unnoticed, they already caught the eye of international stars like Björk and Sia, for whom Breuls already worked.



Fashion and tech

Fashion shows have been around for more than a century, and inevitably there have been innovations that were conceived to elevate the art of fashion and the creations of the biggest global designers, there have been some major innovations within the industry that were brought about due to the global pandemic. And with technologies becoming more sophisticated every day it comes as no surprise that fashion brands are collaborating more and more with tech companies to help bring about new ways to view fashion shows.


The fashion industry is always moving forward with the times, when it comes to the adoption of technology, Summa Fashion College is definitely a front runner. Summa Fashion joined forces with 4DR Studios and Dutch Rose Media to present The Human Psyche project in a very innovative way.

Two models were wearing a total of 9 outfits which were captured in 3D in a volumetric capture studio. The models wore a variety of outfits that were made of different materials, fabrics and colours. “It produced an exciting result, as the boundary between digital and real is water-thin”, says Casper Moerkerk – head of volumetric capturing at 4DR Studios. During recording, we noticed that the colourful prints on transparent materials were captured in great detail, which will now be forever digitized! In this way, the Human Psyche project remains not only a physical exhibition but a lifelike digital exhibition that you can watch whenever and wherever you’d like.



Fashion and the immersive exhibition experiences

Art and fashion within recent years have looked at alternative options to explore ways in which they can take art and style onto whole new platforms. Immersive and augmented platforms. With the success of such exhibitions like The Connor Brothers exhibition, presented by Maddox Gallery, was displayed in a sleek minimalist space. Spanning across 2 floors, the bright and airy gallery is overlooking the valley. Created by Emperia, the goal was to elevate art into a digital format that can be explored in the future no matter where you are, it becomes a living and breathing part of the psyche. The Giorgio Armani Women’s FW 2020-2021 show was live-streamed from an empty theatre and the project was proof that there is the capacity and ability to enable designers to share their work beyond physical attendees.

COVID may have brought many of these ideas into fruition sooner than expected but also as expected the uptake on such forms of showcasing art and fashion have been exceptionally popular with those that are raring to explore another world, be it virtually or through augmented reality. That extra digital essence only serves as a reminder that art is whatever we make it and no matter where you are, you can still join your favourite shows and exhibitions from the comfort of your own home.


Tehran AR Fashion show


About the author:

Puk Franswa is currently working as a communication employee at Dutch Rose Media, experts in Augmented Reality and 4DR Studios – the only volumetric video capturing studio in the Benelux. She is also responsible for Chronosphere, a research project where different project partners will explore the possibilities of volumetric video capturing.

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