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Carter Gibson | Marketing Assistant | AIXR

24 Sep 2019 | 1 min read

What does an XR Sourcer do?

One of the biggest barriers to XR industry growth is the lack of appropriate talent, known as the XR skills gap. High profile jobs tend to combine two highly specialised areas, for example, audio working in XR are making use of previously unused technologies, so it is hard to find a employee who is both an expert in XR and audio.

Since XR companies require such a specific talent, they are hiring sourcers, whose responsibility is to find talent that fits the job specification.

You might be responsible for finding and engaging with talent either online or in person at networking events, and might follow candidates through to the screening/interview stage.

What’s an XR Sourcer good at?

  • Experience in the industry: experience in the industry allows you to better understand the roles within XR, and gain a scope of the industry
  • Flexibility: to recruit the right person for the job, you must understand the requirements of the role – this might involve understanding a variety of areas 
  • Communication: the role will require outreach to candidates, you must be okay communicating with applicants constantly, and explaining the role concisely

Where can being an XR Sourcer take me?

Many XR companies are employing sourcers due to the skills gap faced in the industry. The skills gap is likely to improve as infrastructure and education is improved, but sourcers will still be necessary for large corporations who are looking for the most talented employes.

How do I become an XR Sourcer?

There is no simple route to becoming a sourcer. It is a good idea to do a degree, even if the subject is unrelated it can give you access to the graduate job market and potentially a chance as an entry level recruiter. Working at a recruitment firm can be excellent experience, especially if you are given the opportunity to screen resumes.

You should then try and get a position with an in-house recruiting team, as this can be a different experience. During this time, focus your attention on building sourcing strategies and executing candidate generations. 

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