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Carter Gibson | Marketing Assistant | AIXR

24 Sep 2019 | 1 min read

What does an XR Level Designer do?

Level designers are responsible for the design of the “level”. They are given a portion of the game from the gameplay designer, and must give details on the actions and events that occur throughout that portion.

It usually involves basic sketches that maps out the players intended or possible movements of the player. XR games often feel like extensive experiences, the player has freedom of movement and can look around freely. This means XR Level Designers must consider a wealth of options when designing levels to ensure the gameplay still flows.

What’s an XR Level Designer good at?


  • Creativity: you must come up with new challenges and new ways to interact with the virtual world, especially in XR where there is still plenty of room for innovation 
  • Software: you may need a basic understanding of a variety of graphics software, 2D software, game engines and programming languages
  • Communication: you will need to work with other artists and the design team, who will be responsible for fleshing out and completing your level design

Where can being an XR Level Designer take me?

Specialising in XR as a level designer means you will be first pick as AAA game studios start producing their first XR titles.

Level design is sometimes considered an entry level position, and this can be true. However, there are plenty of opportunities for promotion. You could work your way up the company to become the gameplay lead or the creative lead, having more lead on the overall direction of the title.

How do I become an XR Level Designer?

It is important that you really understand how other games design their levels, particularly in XR, so try and play a lot of different games while you think about how the game flows.

A degree is not necessary, but can help give you an edge over other applicants. Games art, game design, graphic design or 3D digital art are all great introductions to level design.

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