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XR Graphics Programmer

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Carter Gibson | Marketing Assistant | AIXR

24 Sep 2019 | 1 min read

What does an XR Graphics Programmer do?

Your role as an extended reality (XR) graphics programmer is to ensure the game looks as convincing as it possibly can.

Graphics programmers often must weigh up increasing the quality of the graphics and the speed/playability of the game. This is especially true in XR, where creating 3D environments is extremely hardware intensive. Therefore, XR graphics programmers often work on improving optimisation.

What’s an XR Graphics Programmer good at?


  • Technical skills: you must have in-depth knowledge in advanced mathematics and linear algebra
  • Programming: you must be able to use an appropriate programming language proficiently
  • Communication: you will work together with designer, artists, and producers to identify bottlenecks and implement the effects

Where can being an XR Graphics Programmer take me?

Many game studios are employing graphics programmers, and these are particularly sought after, but it is not exclusive to games. Anyone building simulations or training experiences also need to make their visuals as convincing as possible. 

Graphics Programmer tends to be quite a senior position, but there is always opportunity for promotions that give you more of a creative lead, or the opportunity to head up the team of other programmers.

How do I become an XR Graphics Programmer?

It is a good idea to have a degree in physics, computer science, computer programming, maths or a relevant XR specific degree. 

You may struggle to get into the XR industry straight after higher education, since XR companies tend to hire mostly senior programmers due to the increased technicalitt. However, any programming experience is useful and will allow you to build up a portfolio.

It is a good idea to go to XR games expos and conferences, the XR industry is still young and hearing from the current leaders in XR might give you an idea of how they got there.

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