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XR Electrical Engineer

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Carter Gibson | Marketing Assistant | AIXR

24 Sep 2019 | 1 min read

What does an XR Electrical Engineer do?

As an extended reality (XR) electrical engineer, you will design and develop systems and components.

You could be involved in projects from as early as the concept stage, through to implementation and testing.

Part of your job will be ensuring you meet required specifications, including economy, quality, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Your job could also include aftercare, including maintenance. 

What’s a XR Electrical Engineer good at?


  • Technical Knowledge: you will be required to have a good knowledge of engineering, technology and maths, and be flexible enough to apply it to XR
  • Innovation: a major part of your job will be developing solutions to problems on the cutting edge of design
  • Communication: you may need to be able to simplify complex concepts to other people in the development process, or clients during maintenance

Where can being a XR Electrical Engineer take me?

With everyone rushing to make the best XR hardware possible, an electrical engineer is a great opportunity to work at some of the biggest companies in XR. Depending on the stage of the production process you are situated at, you could be situated in an office, laboratory or a production plant, or multiple of these. 

If you are able to demonstrate your expertise and gain good experience, you will be a very valuable resource to any hardware company. 

How do I become a XR Electrical Engineer?

It is most applicable to have a degree in electrical engineering, however, a job in any field of engineering will show the right mindset to employers. Postgraduate study in computer or electrical engineering is also useful.

If you choose not to go into higher education, it is possible to go through a training programme that includes on the job training, such as an apprenticeship. While you are unlikely to find one in XR at the moment, you can work on gaining experience and specialising, while looking to move into the field.

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