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Google, the Power of Augmented Reality and the Metaverse – Field of View with Matthieu Lorrain

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22 Mar 2022 | 0 min read

In this episode, our hosts will talk to Matthieu Lorrain, the Head of Creative for Google Immersive Partnerships and an NYC-based executive creative director that specializes in Next-Gen experiences and product innovation. Matthieu is also the co-founder of fAke Artists, a creative collective exploring the future of post-reality experiences.

Matthieu and our hosts will take us on an action-packed journey through his beginnings as VJ (Video-Jockey), his digital media experience through to his interests in Augmented Reality, and building a true fan experience with Disney and Lucasfilm. They will also traverse the landscape of the Metaverse and what it means to build an open system that can power the Metaverse?


What is Field of View?

The world of immersive technology is always in a constant state of flux, continuously advancing with the rule book being written by the second. We’ve teamed up with Accenture XR to explore this wonderful world, with specialists from across the world providing their insight and view on where we are heading next.

About the author:

AIXR is an independent, community first, not for profit organisation that exists to support individuals and companies of all sizes as the International trade body for immersive technology industries. AIXR or, The Academy of International Extended Reality, hosts the VR Awards annually. AIXR’s mission is to support individuals and companies in the immersive industry by endorsing, inspiring, and enabling innovators through removing barriers to entry and connecting a diverse collection of trades together.

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