Academy Code of Best Practices

Tackling the individual challenges to our industry. 

Putting the XR industry first 

Every Academy member is vetted prior to their involvement with AIXR, to ensure we are continuously pushing forward the immersive industry in the best possible light.

The growth and development of our industry depend on those who hold the integrity of the business and the immersive industry in high regard. Therefore Academy members are expected to meet the following code of conduct and are reviewed against the following on a yearly basis. 

Responsibility and accountability 

  • Actively supports and encourages industry peers in their professional development. Following the ethos that “Information is made to be shared” to help industry collectively grow together
  • Puts the safety, hygiene and welfare of XR users first
  • Is actively involved in the XR industry and community, continuously bettering their knowledge and those around them


Quality and best practices

  • To the best of their knowledge, maintains the highest possible standards and quality of work, following immersive best practices and frameworks where possible
  • Works inclusively and collaborates without boundaries or discrimination
  • Upholds the values, principles and mission of the Academy


Integrity and honesty

  • Is honest, transparent and accurate in conveying professional conclusions, opinions, and research findings, while acknowledging their potential limitations.
  • Respects the privacy and security of those using XR experiences and hardware, following legal guidelines


Industry Complaints

If you have had a negative experience with a company in the immersive industry, member or not, we invite you to lodge a complaint, where it will be investigated to determine whether it breaches our Code of Best Practice.

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